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Senior DogSenior Wellness Program

  • Older pets have different needs
  • Senior wellness testing is necessary to screen for early onset disease
  • 17% of cats and 23% of dogs have developing internal organ issues that they don’t show any signs of
  • Early detection means earlier prevention and treatment
  • Treating your pet early can help with a better outcome and lower treatment costs

Is Your Pet a Senior Pet?

  • Dogs over 60 lbs that are over the age of 6
  • Dogs under 60 pounds that are over the age of 8
  • Cats over the age of 8




Testing chart dog

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testing chart cat

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Introducing "Old Friend Care"

A comprehensive diagnostic program that helps determine developing medical problems in your aging pet. Early detection and treatment can help your pet enjoy a longer healthier life with you. 

What It Includes:

  • Physical Exam
  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  • Super Chem (Extended Chemistry Panel)
  • Thyroid Level (T4)
  • Heartworm/Lyme Test (for dogs)
  • Feline Retroviral Test (for cats)
  • Senior Fecal
  • Urinalysis(U/A)
  • Urine Protine/Creatinine Ratio
  • Professional Consultation with Veternarian
  • Plus Two Complimentary Services Such as: Nail Trim, Ear Cleaning, Anal Glands, Toys or Treats


old friends care

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If no problems are detected than it will give us your pet’s normal baseline values to compare to later. Working together, this program can add years to your pet’s life while restoring life to their years.

Ask Our Techs About Our "Old Friends" Care Program