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Low Cost ACL Knee Surgery for Dogs


ACL Knee Surgery Dr. Allen has been performing ACL surgeries in dogs since 1977. In 2003, Dr. Allen designed a new extracapsular technique that utilizes the patient's own tissue instead of foreign material or devices. This technique eliminates many of the complications associated with traditional extracapsular techniques.

Hundreds of dogs of all sizes have had this surgery with excellent results. Most dogs can return to normal activity in 4-6 weeks.

The cost of surgery is substantially less than most other surgical methods of repair such as TPLO because no artificial materials are required. A typical average invoice ( including required pre-operative bloodwork, surgery, hospitalization, post-op nursing care and medications) will range $3000-4000.

We recommend that you talk to one or more of our ACL clients to share their experience which may help you make your decision. The largest dog to date repaired at our clinic was a 200 lb Mastiff from Potsdam, NY.  Many of our ACL clients had been told that large dogs can only be helped by the more expensive TPLO surgery. Hearing their experiences will hopefully help to dispel this commonly repeated statement.


To schedule a surgery or for further questions, please contact our Lowville office (315.376.6563)




 "Kosmo" Post-op at 1 year and 6 months - ACL surgery both legs(IMAGE:  "Kosmo" Post-op at 1 year and 6 months - ACL surgery both legs.)

Most dogs require very little aftercare when using this technique. Your dog will usually stay one night after surgery and go home the next day with pain medication, a joint supplement, and antibiotics. Skin staples are removed in 10 - 14 days.

Leash walking and careful monitoring to avoid slipping is critical for 6 weeks. Physical therapy is not needed in most cases and 90 % normal function returns in about 6 weeks.

There may be a slight discomfort after exercise for 2-5 months, but it is often difficult for owners to remember which leg had surgery.

For overweight dogs, a plan is formulated for weight loss as the other knee is at risk for ACL rupture as well.





I don't think I have enough nice things to say about our recent experience with Countryside and Dr. Allen.

yellow labWe are 1 week post CCL surgery for our 1.5 YO yellow lab. We traveled from Ithaca, 2.5 hr away, and they helped make that very easy for us. Didn't have to schedule a pre op in person visit. Dr. Allen called and spoke to my husband, detailing the entire surgery. My husband was completely sold after that conversation, whereas I was hesitant about having our dog undergo major surgery and then transport her home with a long car ride. The cost was a major factor for us at first. I couldn't stomach the high expense of the common TPLO procedure. However, after meeting Dr. Allen in person, him taking time out of his busy morning (schedules a day of surgery's all together) he explained the entire surgery to me. It made complete sense and really felt like an absolute no brainer. Surgery performed that day, we picked her up the next day. They reassured me they would send us home with proper meds to help keep our pup relaxed. And that they did. Our once super hyper lab is now relaxing and doing exactly what her body needs her to do to heal. Her incision while large, has been healing amazingly. She's able to move around and it does not seem like she's in terrible pain or anything like that.

Anyways, I hope this helps ease one's mind if considering this surgery for their dog. We know 3 other dogs who have had this done with DR Allen and all are doing great. I would make the same decision in a heartbeat, hands down. Ohhh, also worth noting, not only was DR. Allen great but EVERYONE we came in contact with at Countryside were great. All very professional, kind and helpful. If I could give them more than 5 starts I would!


-Kayla Thomas

Dear Countryside,

I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with your veterinary clinic. You repaired her torn ACL (CCL?) in July. We followed your rehab instructions carefully, and now Luna is as good as new.

Price was very much an issue for us. We shopped around and chose your clinic, even though it was far away. (we live in Mendham, NJ, a four and a half hour drive) Thanks so very much for the superb care at a very reasonable price.

I just got back from a walk in the woods with Luna and took a few photos of her in action. I thought you'd like to see just how happy she is.

Thanks again,
Coleman, Joy, Taylor, and Kendall Smith (and especially Luna!)



Hi, this is Tom & Lisa Lear:

Our German Shepherd Thor had knee surgery at your clinic performed by Dr. Allen 15 weeks ago this Friday . He is doing great.

We wanted to thank Dr. Allen again and let you know we have a web page on Facebook with a video of Thor running around playing with his ball. We made a couple videos but are new to all this and was only able to upload one of them for now.

Speaking to some of your clients really helped us make our decision on having this surgery performed on Thor. So we would like to help other people by showing the videos and letting them contact us too.

To find the web page go to and search for Thor Lear, scroll down the page until you find the only video on his page. It is titled ACL Knee Surgery and there is an email address on the web page to contact us should any clients that view it have any questions.

Once again thank you Dr.Allen and Staff.