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Dental DiseaseDental Disease Facts:

  • 80% of all pets over the age of 3 have some form of dental disease
  • Dental Infections are Painful
  • Dental Tartar and Infections in the mouth create a reservoir of bacteria that injure internal organs
  • Dental disease will shorten your pet's lifespan by 2 years
  • Regular dental cleanings can help prevent dental problems

Signs of Dental Problems:

  • Bad breath
  • Drooling
  • Loss of appetite (however, many pets will still eat even with severe dental disease)
  • Abscesses under the eye(s)


Dental CleaningDuring a Dental Cleaning:

  • It is performed under anesthesia
    (pet's don't say Ahhh)
  • A physical exam and pre-anesthetic testing is done before-hand
  • Your pet will be given fluids to keep them hydrated and help them better process the anesthesia
  • Heart and Blood Oxygen Levels are Monitored During the Procedure
  • Your pet's teeth are ultrasonic scaled and fluoride polished
  • If advanced dental disease is present then some teeth may need to be extracted
  • Antibiotics and pain medication are given as indicated by the stage of dental disease
  • A dental treatment plan will be provided prior to the procedure to outline all procedures and costs




 For More Information, you can Download our Dental Brochure by Clicking Here.

Dental Health and Your Pet