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MyPetDoc will now become the first contact for pet owners needing after-hours care.

24/7 access
to a veterinarian to answer questions, phone triage illness/injury and determine options if your pet needs to be seen by a doctor. If the MyPetDoc veterinarian determines the patient should be seen on emergency, he/she will facilitate communication with our local answering service and the pet owner will be informed of options:

  • If you are an established client, the emergencies that need to be seen in person before 11 pm will be seen by our on-call Doctor at our Lowville clinic.

  • If you have not yet established your pets with our practice, you will be directed to seek emergency care at the Veterinary Medical Center of Central NY (Syracuse).

  • From 11pm until 7am all pet emergencies will be directed to The Veterinary Medical Center of CNY {Syracuse), which is the nearest 24-hour emergency/critical care facility, if it is determined they need to be seen in person...or given further instructions if treatment can wait until 7 am when they can visit one of our local offices.

VMCCNY is staffed by board certified critical care specialists and the hospital is truly equipped to provide the highest standard of emergency services.

Contact MyPetDoc to Chat with Vet Anytime by Text or Online:

Text cvc to (650) 231-6235 -or- Click the Chat Logo Below




Large Animal Clients (Dairy, Equestrian etc)

These changes and new programs do not affect our continued on-call relationship with you, or services provided. If needed, you will continue to call our Clinics during office hours, or for after-hours call our answering service and the Large Animal On-Call Doctor will be in contact as we always have.